Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Into the Future, Book #2

 The little excerpt below from one of Torie's experiences is special to me. The basis of the entire scene really is from my own childhood. It was a trip I took with my family to an old abandoned farm as described in the scene. I was the little girl pulling at the leather harness strap. I wanted it so badly and couldn't pull it free. My mom told me "Dana that is filthy. Leave it alone!" 

Much of the three part story of Torie Mills and Dave Cameron has a lot of reality amid the fiction.

Into the Future 

       Excerpt~~It seemed as though I fell right into the middle of something already in progress. I was stooped over and reaching to pull at a dirty, partially buried strap of leather. At the end of the worn cowhide was a large rusty harness buckle. I leaned back and put all my weight behind it, determined to have it. I felt an intense need to succeed at this quest. I tugged and tugged but the strap was too deeply buried in the hardened dirt.

       “Lindy, leave that and come on!”

        I straightened up and wiped the dust from my hands onto the skirt of my beige cotton dress. I noticed then that my hands were grimy and pudgy, as if those of a young child. I stared at them, holding them out and turning them before me and used my thumb to wipe a smudge of dirt from my left wrist, thinking, this is feeling very familiar, just like a time warp.

 Book #1 of the series Out of the Past

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