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When I decided to write Love's Vengeance I wanted to find a different angle. I didn't want the old tired formula of a man being forced to marry some often beholden, downtrodden or meek woman who he would treat like crap and then magically change his mind about at the end of the book. And SHE to somehow fall for the guy for no apparent reason. I didn't want the whole mistaken identity or accidental defiling of the heroine which again, makes for an entire book of misunderstandings.
My story is full of a lot of humor, fun scenes, characters who are loveable and a hero and heroine who are obviously crazy about each other. Stephen Colter is a 1700th century rock star. He has always just needed to show up to get the girl. He has bedded more women than he can remember. He isn't looking for love. Desiree is naïve and comes from a sheltered home. She has been given way too much freedom in her life and she doesn't know the first thing about real men, although she is eager to be romantically courted and wooed.
YES Desiree makes a huge mistake by trying out her womanly wiles while alone with a man in his private quarters. A man who has passionately lusted after her.
YES Stephen makes a bigger mistake and seduces Desiree into submitting to him and takes her innocence. He is gentle and loving and afterward he is shattered when he loses Desiree because of it. The forced submission quickly became a passionate love scene which Desiree later refuses to admit. It is the catalyst for the conflict but not so bad that it cannot be overcome. I wanted the conflict to be real and to come from passion, on both sides. I wanted the heartfelt, intelligent arguments and when they get it figured out, I wanted the  romantic love to bloom. I wanted them both to be able to say all those things to each other that typical stories cannot allow because then the story would be over. I enjoyed writing those love scenes and so many sweet moments they share during their early romance, when they both pour out their innermost feelings to each other.
I also wanted the story to get very dark and twisted. We watch sweet and naïve Desiree become manipulative, hurtful and everything she has always despised in other women. Her treachery will nearly destroy Stephen. 
Amazon for Kindle at only $.99. Can't beat that price for an epic sized book. If you like romantic love scenes, a little bit of the bad boy in your hero, a great cast of supporting characters, exotic locations, true historical pirates and a happily ever after....this book is for you!

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Two very different stories~~both full of adventure

A passionate contemporary romance and a time travel adventure that will teach Torie Mills about life, loss and how to appreciate every moment because things can change in an instant. $.99 on Amazon

Desiree Chandelle will find the one man who will not treat her like a precious china doll. He sees her as a woman and she will be his. He will show her it is time to grow up and what it means to be loved by a man but his need for her will bring him to the edge of his own self-destruction. $.99 cents on Amazon 

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Novels By Dana Roquet

Both Just $.99 cents

Out of the Past Amazon Link

5* Review Great story about life, love, time travel & loss. Emotional roller coaster ride for sure! There were parts where the tears just flowed and parts where you had to laugh. The characters are so lovable and real to life form. I really enjoyed this book and was in awe at the way the author had so much going on in the story line but kept me interested without losing me. I'm not really into time travel books but this one had such an awesome twist to it that it made it seem real. And the true love between the characters Dave and Torie, was beyond awesome! Watching the love grow between them and watching Torie learn to trust her feelings was great. *Be warned...If you don't care hot steamy love scenes, you may want to skip those pages. I highly recommend this you read this awesome book on love, loss and going back in time. You won't be sorry!

Love's Vengeance Amazon Link

5* Review It captured me from the start. The term couldn't put it down is thrown out a lot, but I literally COULDN'T put it down. It kept you going and the characters were well defined and full of depth. I kept waiting for the lull because with a fairly long book. But it kept exceeding my expectations. This was the first time I have ever read an entire book in one day, with two kids, and a stack of laundry. There will be much conversation to my other reader friends, and I can't wait to read more from the author!

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Out of the Past~~contemporary romance and much more

Out of the Past~~bringing the Past to life
Amazon  link

When Torie Mills decided to pack up and move to small town Iowa to find her roots and build a new
life, she found much more than she ever dreamed possible.


We pulled into the gated entrance and parked along the tall cedar trees that were the defining feature of the place. The cemetery land had belonged to the McFall family originally. Dave’s great-great-great-grandfather Samuel McFall had deeded it shortly after the first burial occurred in 1843. Little two-year-old Lucinda Koontz was the first death of the new community of Fremont, and her headstone was still plainly legible today.

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Historical Romance Love's Vengeance~~reader feedback

So just got through Stephens description of the deaths of his older brothers. Such a surprise emotion to add to your novel.... It came from his history at an unexpected but perfect time! And was so descriptive I could see Daniel  walking from the ship and feel those days up to the release of his death.
Knocked my socks off Dana :-)


Love's Vengeance Amazon Link

Jimmy Thomas and Out of the Past


When writing Out of the Past, I wanted to pull from life to give the story a feel of reality. Real places, real people, both from the past and the present. A big thank you goes out to international romance cover model Jimmy Thomas and creator of RNC, who graces over 4000 book covers including my own novels and who graciously agreed to a cameo role in Out of the Past.

Just another little something different that makes Out of the Past one of the most unique time travel romances out there.

Out of the Past, Amazon


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Out of the Past by Dana Roquet

83 days in the top #100 for Time Travel on Amazon. See my blog for excerpts and info on excerpts of book #2 out later this year

Torie Mills was the first to admit she had issues-big time! She was a successful romance author, who didn't know the first thing about romance. Was in a dead end relationship with a high-powered, emotionally unavailable man and that suited her just fine. But when she decided to pack up and move to small town Iowa to find her roots and build a new life, she found much more than she ever dreamed possible.

Historical Romance Love's Vengeance by Dana Roquet

Newly revised and edited. Available on Amazon

Eighteen year old Desiree Chandelle comes from a sheltered and pampered home, with an adoring father that has grudgingly agreed to forgo arranged marriage and allow her the freedom to choose a husband when inclined. Desiree has yet to experience her first taste of romance or love, but has a childish notion that her true love will be the knight in shining armor of her romantic dreams.

Captain Stephen Colter is a rakish womanizer who has been at sea and traveling the world since his fifteenth year and who has never considered women as more than a momentary distraction, an amusement.

When these two worlds collide, it is life changing for them both. She is not prepared when she finds herself desired by a flesh and blood man who wants her desperately. He is not prepared for the passion that he unlocks, when her forced submission becomes a welcoming response that takes his breath away.

For Stephen, he has no doubt that Desiree—is his destiny. But it will take all his wits to keep at bay, the evil that is determined to take her from him. And all his patience to wait for Desiree to grow up and accept that the love he is offering, will never waiver and never fail.

Their saga takes them from Rouen France, to the colonies of America, to Somerset Bermuda and the Spanish Main where they find an unlikely ally in the legendary pirate Captain Red Legs Greaves and his crew of outlaws. But in the end it will still come down to one man and his battle to transform Love’s Vengeance to pure Love.

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Out of the Past~~a unique Time Travel romance

Out of the Past


Torie's life is far from perfect and she was the first to admit she had issues-big time! She was a famous romance author, who didn't know the first thing about romance. Was in a dead end relationship with a high-powered, emotionally unavailable man. She knew he was but with her commitment issues, he suited her just fine. But when she decided to pack up and move to small town Iowa to find her roots and indulge in her passion for genealogy and history she discovered secrets which will change her forever and a heritage and gift that will alter how she lives the rest of her life. She moved to Fremont to her find her roots ~~she found much more than she ever dreamed possible.

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Another review for Out of the Past



Goodreads 4 star review from Julie

I enjoy time travel books & this was no exception. The idea that Torie is such a family historian & actually lives her family's past through their eyes was a fascinating twist to the time travel theme. I also loved the author's attention to detail in mentioning actual places & events in Iowa. Enjoyed the story & looking forward to book 2 in the series.          

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Great review of Out of the Past

Out of the Past link

From Amazon

I love time traveler books and perhaps my favorite is the Time Traveler's Wife, so I was very curious about Dana Roquet's novel Out of the Past. It has an unusual twist in that the couple both live in the present day, but while they sleep they slip into the past lives of those from the same small town in Mahaska County, Iowa. The tale is filled with romance, touching moments, memories of the past and hidden danger. I easily consumed this engaging tale in a single afternoon and look forward to reading the next book in this series.

We meet protagonist Torie Mills, a New York Times best-selling historical romance author as she arrives in Mahaska County, Iowa to a homestead she has recently purchased outside of Fremont. Torie bought her great-great grandmother's home and plans to reform it to its 1870 glory. She befriends her renovation expert Dave Cameron and together they prepare her new home. When Torie moves in she discovers that she slips back in time as she sleeps and at first she is excited but as her romantic life becomes complicated, she begins to worry about what is happening to her as she sleeps. The tale that unfolded had many threads that took me on an emotional ride from laughter, to tears, to fear.

I connected with Torie immediately; she is funny, a writer and loves family history. Her passion for history and renovations quickly drew me into the tale. She is confident, successful and genuine; however her love life is a mess. She has commitment issues and is currently in the longest relationship of her life with a man I thought was shallow and cold. Dave Cameron on the other hand oozes smexy without even trying. He loves small town life and has had trouble finding a mate who embraces this small-town lifestyle They are both initially attracted to each other both physical and intellectual but respect that Torie is in a relationship. The romance was predictable, but felt genuine and sweet. Along the way we meet family from their pasts through time-travel and we meet an aspiring young author suffering from cancer who touched my heart.

The time-travel aspect of this romance was fascinating as the author slowly raised questions and concerns that make us fearful as she builds towards climatic scenes weaving paranormal elements into this contemporary romance. Each time Torie time-travels she finds herself in another family member, experiencing what they experienced and I found it fascinating. When Dave spends the night he begins time-traveling and it led to some interesting slides involving them both. The author cleverly adds sinister elements to the travel and gave us some hair-raising moments. Wonderfully paced, the paranormal elements added some mystery to an otherwise sweet and predictable romance. There is some heat and it was passionate and sweet.
ARc provided by author in exchange for my unbiased review and originally posted at caffeinatedbookreviewer dot com.

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A story like no other~~Out of the Past

Amazon Link   4/15/2013  77 days in the top #100 Time Travel Romance on Amazon...and the story has only just begun.

    As the final scene of Poltergeist ended, where the TV was rolled out of the motel room and the credits started scrolling, I clicked off the DVD.
     “So what do you think?”
     Dave was slouched on the sofa with my legs across his lap and was running his hands up and down my bare thighs.
     I sat up, turned to sit sideways on the sofa, and tucked my legs up, leaning against his hip as he reclined with his feet up on the coffee table. He shrugged, reached out to take hold of my shoulders and bring me to him for a kiss, and then chuckled.
     “What? So you think the house is gonna crumple up and be sucked out into the cornfields?”
    “Not that part. Do you think the house could be built on hallowed ground?”
     “No,” he said decidedly, “and even if it were, it would be Indians that would be haunting us, not our families.”
     “What about our families trying to tell us something…”
     “Torie, baby, just stop trying to figure it out and enjoy the ride.” He sat up and then squeezed my leg as he stood and went to the DVD player to eject the movie. “Let’s run to Oskie and return this. We can grab lunch.” He waved the jewel case in my direction.
     “I think we need to consider…”
     “I don’t see the problem. I’m enjoying the time warps, even if I do make a fool out of myself sometimes when I don’t know who I am or where I am. I’m finding out so much about the way things were constructed—and farming. I had no idea about what was really required to get a field cleared or a crop in the ground.”
     “Yeah, right, crops! When you left the dance the other night with Amelia, you seemed to figure out what to do with her pretty quick. You plowed her field!” I spat with irritation.
     “Torie, that was two days ago. I wish I wouldn’t have let you get that out of me. Again, babe, what was I supposed to do? She was my wife.”
     “Of course she just happened to be the most beautiful woman in town,” I said grumpily. “You couldn’t have had a headache?”
     He gave me one of his smokin’ hot, sexy looks. “I love you, Beautiful.”
     He approached the sofa and bent to kiss me, and I gave him a smooch. Clearly, he was not going to apologize for his indiscretion and seemed pretty darn pleased with himself regarding his Amelia experience. “Oh, stop that smirking,” I ordered with a smile, as he pulled me off the sofa by my hands.
     “Let’s go,” he said, shooing me toward the door by giving my butt a gentle swat.

Out of the Past 5 star review

Amazon 5 star review.

Great Book!
I've always loved time travel novels but wasn't sure I'd like a story about dream travel but I really loved it! The story line was interesting and enough surprises to hold my interest. It was not the typical love story, more like a real relationship! Great ending too! I really loved it!!

Amazon Link