Sunday, January 26, 2014

Heritage Time Travel Trilogy, book #2

Into the Future, book #2 of the three part story. Just $.99 cents


      The guard waved to another man in the crow’s nest overlooking the entrance and the steel gate of the fortress began to slowly roll back and I headed in. The huge sandstone colored Gothic structure looked more like a museum or maybe a castle in England, rather than a maximum security prison. With all the fancy turrets and detail, it was easy to see why it was on the National Register of Historic Places. I parked in the visitors section and bounded up the steps to the front entrance, taking them two at a time.
      I felt my stomach start to churn in nervous anticipation. What a rush! I was about to actually meet, face to face, with the man who, last time I had seen him, had been standing over me as I lay helpless on the ground while he calmly cocked a twelve-gauge shotgun, placed it against my head and with calculated coldness, pulled the trigger and blew my brains out back in 1959.

Out of the Past book #1 of the story Just $.99 cents Amazon link 

 26 five star reviews. A contemporary romance with a unique time travel adventure, full of history, family and a suspense factor that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you enjoy time travel then the small town of Fremont Iowa and Out of the Past, are for you. 
An original sexy contemporary romance with a unique time travel twist
Torie Mills was the first to admit she had issues-big time! She was a successful romance author, who didn't know the first thing about romance. Was in a dead end relationship with a high-powered, emotionally unavailable man and that suited her just fine. But when she decided to pack up and move to small town Iowa to find her roots and build a new life, she found much more than she ever dreamed possible. Book #2 of her adventure is also available and the final chapter will be out in March of 2014

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