Saturday, June 14, 2014

Out of the Past and Publishers Weekly

ABNA Publishers Weekly Reviewer

Traveling through time to see the whole breadth and width of her family tree, from the early 1850’s through 1959 was an exhilarating escape for Torie Mills. The moment she slept in the old family home she had just bought, Torie found herself “warping” into vignettes of her family history. In this sexy paranormal romance, Torie Mills is a famous and well-off author of historical fiction who has a passion for genealogical research. She has purchased the old family home and is in the process of having it restored by hunky local contractor, David Cameron. At first, Torie merely enjoys the trips to the past; she can confirm the research she’s found and add to it. Then she learns that David Cameron can warp through his dreams the same way she can and that if they both sleep in the old house, they can meet each other in their dreams. The more David Cameron and Torie work on the old house, the more they learn they have in common, and the more they find themselves falling in love. All too soon though, Torie and David realize that there are problems with the nightly warps into the past: accidents could occur putting Torie and David in danger. 
Their adventures and discoveries make for an engrossing and interesting read.
Out of the Past