Thursday, January 16, 2014

Forevermore~~the final chapter, March 2014

 Forevermore~~Coming March 2014

As I took a step toward the door, Dave moved quickly off the bed and before I could reach for the handle, he had me by the shoulders and turned me around, pressing me up against the door, gently pinning me to it. He took my purse and jacket from my hands and dropped them to the floor.

“Love me, Torie.” His deep voice was a gravelly whisper. “Please don’t give up on us.”

His lips were on my neck; moist heat; heavy breath that ruffled the tendrils of my hair at the nape of my neck as he groaned my name softly, plaintively in my ear. On the move then; he was kissing along my jaw and to my mouth as I tried desperately to resist and he tried even more desperately to entice. I pushed weakly against his chest and he took both my hands and pulled them up over my head, holding them in restraint in one of his; gentle but masterful. He pressed against my body with his own and even through the barrier of our clothes I could feel him, oh so inviting, against my stomach.

Book #1 Out of the Past
Available ebook, paperback and audio book

Book #2 Into the Future
Available ebook, paperback and audio book

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