Sunday, October 11, 2015

Forevermore by Dana Roquet

A favorite little sweet snippet of book three of the time travel adventure of Dave and Torie. Forevermore


     After I left the Fremont city limits and was on the empty twelve mile stretch of highway on the way to Oskie, I began to relax until my phone rang. I looked at the screen to see Dave’s smiling face displayed and turned down the radio. I was all set to go with an elaborate lie about how I was shopping alone at a mall in Des Moines. That is, until Dave told me to look in the rear view mirror and when I did, he waved at me. Thank God I hadn’t gotten the lie out of my mouth.
      Instead of being settled in to work on my time travel studies at some motel by dark, I was leading the way, as Dave and I made our way to the Oskaloosa Family Restaurant to share dinner.
     “So why are you in town?” he asked as he closed his truck door and met me at mine. He bent to give me a quick smooch before taking my hand.
     “I needed a few files from the house and I grabbed a few more toys for Rose Lynn,” I answered as he led me through the parking lot and I paused while I let him open the door for me.
      “Hmm,” he responded, giving me a suspicious look as I entered before him.
      The lobby was empty but for the hostess who stood behind a podium. Dave held up two fingers to her and she hurried off to ready our table.
     “Don’t start with twenty questions, please?” I pouted, running my hand over the center of his chest, smoothing my hand along the buttons of his shirt. “Why were you heading in this direction and all spiffed up?” I asked, shifting the focus off of me and teased. “You got a hot date?”
      “You want an elaborate tale or the sad truth?” he asked with a dimpled half-smile.
     “Sad truth,” I decided.
     “I was sick of Finish Line carryout and was headed here to have a decent dinner alone,” he admitted.
     “Oh, that is just sad,” I couldn’t help but laugh a little. “You have an awful wife, leaving you to scavenge the countryside searching for sustenance.”
     He lifted his hand to use an index finger and gently smoothed my bangs off of my brow, grinning down at me. He leaned down and whispered softly in my ear, “Not the only hunger that I have, babe. Believe me.”
     The hostess returned just then, interrupting and I was thankful. I didn’t even want to think about that other hunger. 

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