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What would you do? ~~Out of the Past

What would you do if you were able to meet all those people from generations ago, who helped to make you who you are today? Not only to meet them, but experience their stories as they live them, first hand. Would you want to? To be able to share in the warmth of their love and laughter but also endure the pain and sorrow, which  often overshadowed the joys. What if you knew how many days they would have to walk the earth, who they would fall in love with, how many children they would have and how many they would bury much too soon. Would you want to go back? 

If you already knew how their stories will end, what they will achieve in life but also the exact day they will die and how, what would you do? Would you  listen a little more closely to what they had to say?  Hold on a little longer to that unexpected warm hug? Drink in the sound of their voices and look a little deeper into their Technicolor eyes, which have always been only flat-gray in your families dusty old photo albums?

For Torie Mills the answer is yes, she will take it all and she will cherish every moment

Out of the Past

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Love's Vengeance~~newly revised and edited

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 Amazon 5 star review
It was romantic and adventurous at the same time. It kept me guessing about the relationship of Stephen and Desiree. Very enjoyable!

In the classic style. A historical romance full of humor, intrigue, heart and undying passion. An epic read and just $.99 cents. If you enjoy Kathleen E. Woodiwiss novels, you will love Love's Vengeance.  A novel with a romantic hero who isn't afraid to show his feelings and who is sexy, funny and adores his leading lady. You will fall in love with Stephen Colter.

   Desiree’s first sight upon waking was that handsome face next to her own, sharing her pillow. He lay upon his stomach beside her and she was quick to notice that he was uncovered. She propped herself up on one elbow as her eyes roamed over him, past the broad brown back, to the narrow hips where dark skin met light, over the firm buttocks and long straight legs. Even relaxed, the muscle of his body was defined and the rugged power he possessed brought a stirring to her. For despite the power, his touch could be as gentle as a whispering wind.

    Her eyes came back to his face and she smiled at his innocence in slumber, admiring the handsome features for a time. Then, taking a strand of her hair, she touched it to his cheek and he stirred, wrinkling his brow in annoyance. She touched it along the bridge of his nose and he swatted the thin air and then covered his face with a hand, mumbling inaudibly and she choked back a laugh. His fingers separated and he peered at her from between them.

    “I am awake. You may cease at any time,” he suggested with feigned annoyance.
     He moved his hand and smiled sleepily. “Good morning.”
    “Good morning,” she whispered with a grin.
     He reached over and pulled the arm supporting her weight out from under her and scooped her into his arms, tasting her lips with a throaty growl. “You are really here,” he said in amazement, nuzzling her neck. “I am not dreaming.”
     His passion flared as it had, more than once, through the course of the night and Desiree attempted to halt his wandering hand. With a laugh she said, “You cannot be serious, Stephen! I believe you are impossible to satisfy! Please, not again, I can’t! I’m exhausted.” She jumped as his teeth nibbled lightly at her shoulder. “Behave, please!”
     She wriggled away to the opposite side of the bed and he fell onto the pillows with a sigh. “Come back here, for I haven’t the strength to come after you,” he chuckled.
    “You act as though you are starved, instead of well appeased. I am not going anywhere, Stephen. You needn’t kill us both trying to make up for lost time.”
     She sat up and moved warily to the foot of the bed, keeping her eyes on him all the while. The movement seemed to go unnoticed by him until he turned over and lunged to a sitting position, grasping her about the waist. She shrieked with merriment as he pulled her back down and pinned her beneath him. He kissed her deeply as he leisurely fondled her breasts, teasing and enticing her to respond. She pulled away from his kiss and sank her teeth into his shoulder gently.
    “Ouch, why you little—that hurt!” he said in jest with a chuckle.
     Her lips kissed the supposed injury and traced along his neck to his ear where her teeth nipped at his lobe, causing him to shudder. Then she moved along his jaw with gentle, fleeting kisses until her mouth met his once more and his kiss was heated and insistent.
     A sudden light knock at the door brought the intimate interlude to an abrupt halt. Desiree’s eyes widened in horror and she pushed against his shoulders, until he moved off of her, then she jumped out of the bunk, retrieving her dress from the floor. Holding it before her, she turned in circles, looking for an escape while Stephen melted into laughter, watching her frantic performance.
    “Just a moment,” he called to whoever might be on the other side of the door, while his eyes continued to regard Desiree warmly.
    She scampered on tiptoes across to him and whispered harshly, “You can’t let anyone know I am here. Stephen, you cannot, please!” she pleaded.


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Out of the Past ~~ Into the Future

Out of the Past Heritage Time Travel Romance Series, Book #1  links


Coming Fall 2013, the 2nd chapter in the story. When Torie moved into Dave's idyllic home,  their future looked bright. But looks can be deceiving...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Out of the Past~~one of Torie's Travels

Amazon 5* Review~~
This book was a very good book. I would never have thought family history could be made this interesting to the point were I could not put it down. The characters were very realistic and lovable. Great read. Left me wanting to read more.

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Torie travels to 1891 and inhabits the body of her great-grandaunt Mahala Wyman

                                            Dr. Jacob Krout and family

     The next moment, the ripple of my consciousness expanded outside from my own immediate physicality when I saw a man dressed in a black suit come to stand beside my bed and I became aware of the shift on my mattress caused by his weight as he sat down beside me. I looked up into his face and watched dispassionately as he put the earpieces of a stethoscope into his ears and his fingers worked the buttons on the front of a long-sleeved cotton nightgown I wore, which I noticed now, and saw was embroidered with dozens of blue and yellow blossoms. He placed the cool metal disc upon my bare chest and listened intently to my heart which I could still feel fluttering like a butterfly that was unevenly flitting across a meadow, pausing and starting.
      I realized that I knew the man, or I should say that I recognized him anyway. He was Dr. Jacob Krout and he’d been a doctor in Fremont for more than forty-three years. He currently looked young and I guessed that he was probably in his early to mid-thirties. I’d seen several photographs of him in regional history books and also photo’s that others had added to his online Findagrave memorial. He was buried in Cedar with his family and his wife Mary Alice or “Allie” as she was known, was a daughter of Fremont pioneer William Dinsmore.
     Dr. Krout continued to quietly listen to my heart as I studied his completely ordinary face but I was struck by the kindness in his light blue eyes.
      “Try to take a deep breath, Mahala,” he requested. “And another, good.”
      He smiled warmly at me and then he removed the stethoscope from my chest, and removed the earpieces from his ears, letting the instrument dangle about his neck before he buttoned my gown up again.
     “I will be making the rounds to see your sister Ivy when I leave here,” he said by way of making small talk. “She and Joshua are sure looking forward to that little one. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a couple more anxious for a child in all my years.”
     The doctor chuckled softly and looked from me to some point at his right and woozy from the deep breaths I’d taken, I carefully turned my head in that direction and became aware that someone was holding my left hand when I felt it being squeezed and then I saw that my great-great-grandma Rose was sitting at my left side in a straight-backed chair.
     “We’re all looking forward to that new little grand baby,” Rose said while patting my hand and she smiled at me lovingly. “I think Mahala is more anxious than anyone. So how is your family, Dr. Krout; Allie and little Erma?”
      “Everyone’s just dandy. Erma will be going on ten years next month,” he said.
      The doctor looked back to me and smiled. “I will stop again tomorrow to see how you’re coming along,” he assured me while taking his stethoscope from his neck and placing it into a medical bag that he’d lifted from the floor and placed upon his lap. He fastened the latch of the bag and looked back at me, squeezing my free hand briefly in farewell as he rose to go.
     “I’ll see you out, Doctor,” Rose offered politely.
     “I can see myself out, Rose, please don’t bother,” he said as he paused to pat her shoulder gently before walking to the door and turning back with his hand on the knob, bowing slightly, “Until tomorrow, ladies.”
     Rose turned her attention back to me as the bedroom door closed softy after him and I noticed then that she had a bible open upon her lap. She lifted from her chair and scooted it, turning it in a little closer toward me so that I could easily look into her face before she settled herself again and began reading to me from the bible. I have no idea what chapter it was because the good book isn’t one of those on my book shelves at home and I hadn’t cracked a bible since I’d been confirmed as a thirteen-year-old. Rose finished the brief passage and then lifted my hand and leaning down, brought my hand to her lips and kissed the back gently.
     “Mahala, you’re the light of my life, sweetheart, I hope that you know that. I love you so very much, precious. We’ll read and we’ll pray every day until you are fully restored to health. I have faith in our Lord God and you need to have faith in Him and believe.”
     “I do Mother, and I will,” I agreed and then had a thought. “Mother, what day is it?”
     “Friday, April 10th,” she said with a puzzled frown. “Why?”
     “What year?” I asked. I was almost certain I knew already because the doctor had mentioned Ivy being anxious to deliver Katie, but I just wanted to have it confirmed.
     She looked at me as though fearing I was having a fit or something. She leaned forward and placed her cool palm against my forehead gently, obviously searching for a fever before answering me.
      “Why it’s eighteen and ninety-one, sweet. You know that.”
      I smiled faintly but I felt as if the world were wobbling on its axis and lights shimmered at the edge of my vision as I feared I might black out from the shock because I knew that Mahala Wyman would die on April 11th, 1891.

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Out of the Past~~

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Top #100 on Amazon for Time Travel Romance for 46 days. A steamy romance and part 1 of a complex story about family, history, danger and adventure which will last a lifetime.

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Heritage Time Travel Romance Series, Dana Roquet

Heritage Time Travel Romance Series~~ Book 2 and 3 are getting closer to reality every day, in the meantime Book 1, Out of the Past continues to be in the top #100 on Amazon for Time Travel Romance. 



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Great Amazon 5 star review for Out of the Past

The best read in a long time

This novel is full of interesting details and fascinations, a complex story, wonderful setting, and wild ending. I liked the heroine and hero (a must!) Torie as a genealogy geek was right on the mark. Also, appreciated the story's nod to the Make a Wish Foundation

Torie, a romance writer had become a millionaire from her two published books. I certainly hope this is possible because Dana Roquet deserves it.

Out of the Past Amazon Link

Out of the Past Goodreads Review

by April

Out of the Past Goodreads review by April This story flew by quite nicely. I enjoyed the read, except I think Derek should have been outta the picture sooner than he was. Thanks so much for this read it was definitely worth the read. Amazon Link

Out of the Past Amazon top #100

Out of the Past has been in the Amazon top #100 for Time Travel Romance for 38 days.

Out of Past

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Torie Mills was the first to admit she had issues-big time! She was a successful romance author, who didn't know the first thing about romance. Was in a dead end relationship with a high-powered, emotionally unavailable man and that suited her just fine. But when she decided to pack up and move to small town Iowa to find her roots and build a new life, she found much more than she ever dreamed possible. 

Dave Cameron was a passionate, stand-up guy who had a successful renovation career, good friends and a passion for small town Iowa that was contagious. What Dave didn't have was a woman to share his life with. 

Torie finds that Dave has just the kind of vision needed to help her restore her family’s 1870 homestead and together they bring the old Victorian house back to life. After Torie moves in, she discovers that restoring the house has opened a portal into the past. Time traveling each night to the Fremont of old, becomes her wonderful escape and her secret obsession. 

When Torie falls passionately in love with Dave, he is swept into the travels as well—until they realize too late, that there was evil in the past that would have been better left alone…