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Out of the Past
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Then continue the unique time travel journey of Dave and Torie. Like nothing you have read before. A contemporary romance with a one of a kind time travel twist.

Out of the Past
With special cameo appearances by:
International cover model Jimmy Thomas

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Out of the Past
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Posted March 24, 2014

*****5 stars

 Different from other time-travel romance books.

This book was a unique take on time-travel. I very much enjoyed the added family history and different time periods. The love story was very well written with just enough heat to make it a true romance. Highly recommend this read. 

Monday, March 24, 2014


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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Forevermore~~Heritage Time Travel Adventure book #3

Discover the Exciting final chapter of the adventure of Torie Mills and Dave Cameron


     I slammed back from the time warp, violently; with such force that I felt as though I had been slugged in the stomach but it was more than that, it was bigger, encompassing my entire body. This was violence that I had never experienced in my life. It felt as if every bone in my body was vibrating. I couldn’t breathe and in desperation; fighting to inhale, I wrenched to a sitting position and grabbed my middle as I fought to draw air into my lungs.

     The room seemed to be wobbling on its axis, gyrating and looping crazily in and out of focus. A high whine like a teapot left on a hot burner past the point of boiling shrieked in my ears and I lifted my hands to cover them but the sound was coming from inside my head. My body was desperate for air and I began to panic as the moments stretched out and still I couldn’t draw a breath.

     My diaphragm was spasming and it felt like those times when I had hurt myself as a little girl. I had vivid memories of times when I’d had the breath knocked out of me. I could recall a strong wind catching a screen door and the end of my finger being smashed, split like a grape. I could recall once cracking my head on the hard tile floor of the basement and at those times I remember my mom rushing to me, saying frantically, “Breathe, Torie! Breathe!” and finally the sobs would come and my panicked mom would sigh with relief and take me in her arms to comfort me.
      Now, as I rocked onto my knees and crawled mindlessly to the end of my bed, I face-planted into the cool bedding bunched at the foot. Terror, pure terror as my ears screamed with the high pitched ringing and spots before my eyes flashed, signaling approaching unconsciousness.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Heritage Time Travel Romance Series

In the back of the paperback version of the finale Forevermore, will be a collection of photographs.

These photographs are of ancestors from my family tree. For the purpose of keeping this complex story straight, these ancestors represent certain fictional characters. Many of the fictional characters of this series have bits and pieces of truth while others were completely fabricated. However, as I wrote, the following people, and many others on my family tree, helped to keep it all in correct form without mixing the generations. With a cast of so many characters and spanning several centuries, it helped immeasurably to use this method. Enjoy!

Here are just a couple of the memorable characters:

Katie McFall~~Georgia McFall

 Lucy Mills~~Ethel Roquet

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Heritage Time Travel Romance Series

Forevermore, the finale of the Time Travel Adventure of Dave and Torie, is now available on Amazon for Kindle. FOREVERMORE LINK

Or buy the entire series in Kindle Box Set. BOXED SET LINK

The All Iowa Edition of both will be available later this month 

Forevermore~~Torie Mills Cameron’s world has crumbled right before her eyes. Overnight, her life has taken a terrifying turn for the worse forcing her to make a heart-breaking decision; to leave Dave and the life she always hoped for behind her. To ensure her child’s safety, she will do whatever it takes despite the cost.

Dave Cameron is watching everything he ever dreamed of slip from his grasp—and with his loving wife and daughter no longer in his life, what is he left with? His dark secret, the time travels which are becoming increasingly fraught with danger.

Soon though, Dave and Torie will learn that the world is not what it appears to be. They will be schooled by a wise and patient old man who will explain the time travel mystery. While all of their futures may depend upon a young child who vanished 120 years in the past and may be the only one who holds the key to—Forevermore