Sunday, July 14, 2013

Into the Future~~5 star review

Happy to announce that Into the Future broke into the top #100 hourly best sellers in two lists on Saturday 7/13

#89 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Romance > Time Travel
#100 in Books > Romance > Time Travel

~~Great review~~

From Loves all Things Books blog

Into the Future  Amazon

Absolutely Fantastic!! Emotional Rollercoaster!

by Brenda

Wow!! And I thought the first book was good!! Holy Moly People you need to read this series!

I just love these characters,Dave and Torie are the perfect couple.They become parents in this second book and the trouble all starts when they start warp traveling again. I always thought it would be cool to back in time. But after this story, I have changed my mind.

The family is torn apart for over a year. They fight to save their family and to stay together while also trying to stay safe. Some of the warps are pretty cool and would be fun to do but there are some that just scare the pants off of you! And those ones are the ones that have changed my mind about going back in time.

Dana has a way words that just suck you into her stories. You don't want to put her books down!Her stories flow like water and are so interesting that before you know it you are finished with the book and begging for more!I totally love this series and highly recommend you all to it!! Great job Dana!! And thank you so much for the honor of reading your books! Love them!


When author Torie Mills moved to tiny Fremont, Iowa, she found the love of her life and the place where she finally felt she belonged. Five generations of Dave Cameron’s family had inhabited the large idyllic Victorian house he and Torie now called home. They settled in, started a family and seemed to be living the perfect fairytale ending.

Fast forward two years. The Cameron family, including little one-year-old Rose, have been chased from their home by the time travels they believed they had left behind. Quiet Mahaska County has become a Mecca for fans of the psychological thriller Where Evil Lived, which Torie wrote concerning the 1959 mass murder of her Mills cousins. It was just meant to be a way to help Dave heal and put it behind him for good. Now it had taken on a life of its own.

While Torie searches desperately for the answers that will fix her fractured family and allow them the happily ever after they deserve, Dave struggles to hold on to his sanity and keep a secret from her that will test him to the limits of his endurance as he comes to terms with the time travel gift that neither he, Torie nor their child will be able to resist or control.

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  1. Awww Thank you posting my review! What an honor to read such a great series!!