Friday, July 5, 2013

Into the Future by Dana Roquet Excerpt

Into the Future

Heritage Time Travel Romance Series, book #2
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     This floor of the West End Architectural Salvage store held just as much intrigue for hardcore scavengers like Torie—light fixtures and hanging chandeliers with fancy old glass, antique tables, knick knacks and custom mirrors in scrolled frames of mahogany or maple. I lost Torie again almost immediately as she stopped to look at a fancy mirror with an etched brass tile framework and I continued on without her. I was scanning the ceiling full of antique light fixtures when my eye was caught by a bright blue and orange cabinet across the room.
     Leaning up against one of the legs was an old DX gas station sign and traffic lights and other items from the 1950’s were scattered about. My heart about stopped. I walked around old chrome and Formica kitchen table sets with their star burst and boomerang designs and matching brightly colored shiny vinyl chairs, weaving around and among them as I kept my eyes on the old arcade game.
     As I got closer, my mind was recalling the scene. The last time I had seen this game I hadn’t really paid that much attention to it. The arcade was not my idea of a fun night out. I was on the verge of losing it that night and just trying to keep it together and keep an eye on all of the kids. All I knew was that this game was making sounds like some kind of alien war going on and that Ricky Thompson was on his knees on a chair as he spun the silver wheel and stared into the glass-encased workings.
     As I stood before it now I noticed all the bright colors, the rocket ships, lights and score counter under glass. I couldn’t even imagine the first thing about what the object of the game was but there was a small red truck and magnets and the rockets with white smoke coming from them as they appeared to be blasting off from a launch pad. At the back of the launch pad painted on the wall were yellow wheat fields and in the distance further out were farm houses and corn fields. It had what were probably high tech 3d effects back in the day but of course it was very primitive looking now. It really just looked like a huge fish aquarium without the fish.
     “Hey,” Torie said. “Check this out.” She was holding a small lamp with a salmon-colored glass shade. “Dave, what is it? You look as white as a sheet. Are you okay?”

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