Sunday, November 17, 2013

Forevermore coming 2014

Torie Mills Cameron’s world has crumbled right before her eyes. Overnight, her life has taken a terrifying turn for the worse forcing her to make a heart-breaking decision; to leave Dave and the life she hoped for behind her.To ensure her child's safety, she will do whatever it takes.

Dave Cameron is watching everything he ever dreamed of, slip from his grasp—and with no wife or daughter any longer in his life, what is he left with? His dark secret, the time travels which are becoming increasingly dangerous.

Soon though, Dave and Torie will learn the truth and discover that the world is not what they believed it to be, as they are schooled by a patient and wise old man who will explain the time travel mystery and that a child who vanished nearly 120 years ago may hold the key to—Forevermore.

New Amazon Review 
It is a good book. Starts off slow but turned into a very suspenseful time travel to experience the past with a mix of romance.      
New Amazon Review
Can't wait until the next book!
This book was a great continuation of the 1st book with even more suspense of what they will do next or who they see next. I can't wait until the next book!      

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