Sunday, October 27, 2013


Torie Mills Cameron’s world is crumbling right before her eyes. Overnight, her life has taken a terrifying turn for the worse, as the time warps have returned with a vengeance and now her little daughter has been pulled into the past. And so, it has come to this; considering that to keep that truth from Dave she may need to leave him and the life she had hoped for in Fremont, Iowa—behind forever. To ensure her little Rose Lynn’s safety, she will do whatever it takes.

Dave Cameron is watching everything important in his life slip away. Torie appears to have left him behind and now with no wife or daughter any longer in his life; what was he left with? His big old prison of a house and his dark secret; the time warps he is unable to escape and which are becoming increasingly violent and dangerous.

Soon though, Dave and Torie will learn the truth and discover that the world is nothing they believed it to be, as they are schooled by a patient and wise old traveler who holds all the secrets to their family’s past and a girl who died120 years ago who holds the key to—Forevermore.


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