Sunday, October 13, 2013


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Forevermore book #3

     I ran my hand over the familiar rough latch of the workshop door and lifted it, swinging the small entry wide. With the loud sound of a lathe filling the room, he didn’t hear me as I silently walked up behind him and lightly wrapped my arms around his waist from behind and placed my nose against the center of his back, inhaling the fragrance of his body; the outdoors, fabric softener, a touch of his sweat. I placed a kiss on his back and ran my hands up over his firm chest.
       With a slight intake of his breath he turned around to face me and I smiled up at the beauty of a young eighteen-year-old David Cameron. He was a little slimmer than the man I would marry twenty years from this summer day back in 1991. His hair was a little longer, the lines that would crinkle his eyes in that sexy way later in life, not yet apparent. At this point in his life, Torie Mills was not even a thought in his head. The look of love was there in those eyes though—the look of a first love.

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