Saturday, June 29, 2013

Into the Future, book #2 in the Heritage Time Travel Romance Series

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     I pulled into the cemetery and drove around to the deepest part of the U drive so that my truck wouldn’t be visible from the road. I was on a mission and I was determined to find what I was looking for if it took me all day. I had a good idea of the direction. She should be buried in the furthest southeast section. At least it was the furthest section back in 1873.
     The death of the newborn baby girl was not any more important than the other three tiny babies who I had held in my arms while their lives slipped away and their mother’s sobbed in the agony that only a woman who had lost a newborn could understand. All the warps had occurred in the last century and the babies each had had major physical defects. Even if they would have been born in the present day with all the intensive care available, it’s hard to say if they would have made it.
     This particular baby was important because I had stayed in the warp for what amounted to two days in ‘warp time’ and I had been present for the small funeral, here in Cedar. The other warps had ended before I was able to find out who I was or anything else that would have helped me to find them. But with the death of Fairy June McFall, I had everything I needed to find her grave, that is, if the plan actually had been carried out.
     In a modest log cabin on McFall land north of my current home, a man in his early twenties named Silas and his young wife Clara had dressed their dead newborn in her christening gown and laid her in a small wooden coffin. I had constructed the coffin myself and I wasn’t sure if Silas McFall would have possessed the carpentry skills I had but I did my best to build a fitting last resting place for the infant. Clara put a cushiony hand-knit blanket inside which was to have been hers and a little rag doll was placed at her side.
     “To keep her company,” Clara whispered.
     I wiped the tears from under Clara’s lovely amber eyes, kissed her mouth and hugged her carefully, mindful of her delicate condition before she took her last look at the tiny baby. I placed the lid snuggly on top, nailed the coffin closed, lifted the box from the dining table and took it to the waiting wagon for the short journey to this cemetery.


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