Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Contemporary Romance and a Time Travel Adventure

Cameo by Jimmy Thomas, creator of RNC and cover model on over 4000 romance books.

     She looked at my novel again and smoothed her hand across the shiny photo of Beau and Melody, who were in a passionate embrace against a blood-red sky.
     “Jimmy Thomas is gorgeous, isn’t he?” she asked.
     “Absolutely beautiful—that’s why I have him on my cover. He’s the best at what he does, don’t you think?”
     She nodded and then opened the book and fanned through the pages until a folded piece of paper fell out onto her lap...
     I hugged her, and as the clock indicated our book signing was at an end, Nancy and Liz returned. We both glanced up, and then I don’t know who screamed louder, Claire or me, for walking between the two petite women was a very real-life version of my novel cover in the flesh, Jimmy Thomas!
     With a copy of my own novel bearing the autograph of Jimmy Thomas tucked carefully in the side pocket of my laptop, it was then time to bid Claire good-bye. It had been a huge day for everyone.
     I handed Claire the Kindle which I had purchased for her and her online library.
     “When you get home, charge this up right away, and I want you to read On the Island first. I think you will love it. The hero is a cancer survivor, just like you. I’ll be waiting for your review. Shoot me an email. Okay?”
     “I will, Torie. Thank you so much for spending this time with me. If I do get better, I hope to become an author just like you.”
     “You will, sweetie. And I promise that I’ll give your first finished novel to my agent.” I hoped against all hope I would have a chance to make that promise come true.
    We had exchanged all our digits and email addresses. I had Claire’s Facebook info, and I provided her parents with Nancy’s information regarding the Neumann Mills 2012 Charity Trust. Nancy assured them they could expect a letter from one of the lawyers from her firm to get the ball rolling on our mutual venture.
     We took several photos for Liz and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and I made Nancy take a photo with all our cell phones of Claire, Jimmy, and me together. We all made it our phone background photo right then and there.
     Jimmy gave a last kiss on the cheek to Claire and me and had to make a quick exit before he caused a riot. More likely, he would have been sexually molested, right there in the middle of the book store, by a rapidly growing gathering of adoring female fans.

Jimmy Thomas and Out of the Past

When writing Out of the Past, I wanted to pull from life to give the story a feel of reality. Real places, real people, both from the past and the present. A big thank you goes out to international romance cover model Jimmy Thomas and creator of RNC, who graces over 4000 book covers including my own novels and who graciously agreed to a cameo role in Out of the Past.

Just another little something different that makes Out of the Past one of the most unique time travel romances out there.

Out of the Past, Amazon

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