Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Historical Romance Love's Vengeance by Dana Roquet

Newly revised and edited. Available on Amazon

Eighteen year old Desiree Chandelle comes from a sheltered and pampered home, with an adoring father that has grudgingly agreed to forgo arranged marriage and allow her the freedom to choose a husband when inclined. Desiree has yet to experience her first taste of romance or love, but has a childish notion that her true love will be the knight in shining armor of her romantic dreams.

Captain Stephen Colter is a rakish womanizer who has been at sea and traveling the world since his fifteenth year and who has never considered women as more than a momentary distraction, an amusement.

When these two worlds collide, it is life changing for them both. She is not prepared when she finds herself desired by a flesh and blood man who wants her desperately. He is not prepared for the passion that he unlocks, when her forced submission becomes a welcoming response that takes his breath away.

For Stephen, he has no doubt that Desiree—is his destiny. But it will take all his wits to keep at bay, the evil that is determined to take her from him. And all his patience to wait for Desiree to grow up and accept that the love he is offering, will never waiver and never fail.

Their saga takes them from Rouen France, to the colonies of America, to Somerset Bermuda and the Spanish Main where they find an unlikely ally in the legendary pirate Captain Red Legs Greaves and his crew of outlaws. But in the end it will still come down to one man and his battle to transform Love’s Vengeance to pure Love.

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