Monday, April 1, 2013

A story like no other~~Out of the Past

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    As the final scene of Poltergeist ended, where the TV was rolled out of the motel room and the credits started scrolling, I clicked off the DVD.
     “So what do you think?”
     Dave was slouched on the sofa with my legs across his lap and was running his hands up and down my bare thighs.
     I sat up, turned to sit sideways on the sofa, and tucked my legs up, leaning against his hip as he reclined with his feet up on the coffee table. He shrugged, reached out to take hold of my shoulders and bring me to him for a kiss, and then chuckled.
     “What? So you think the house is gonna crumple up and be sucked out into the cornfields?”
    “Not that part. Do you think the house could be built on hallowed ground?”
     “No,” he said decidedly, “and even if it were, it would be Indians that would be haunting us, not our families.”
     “What about our families trying to tell us something…”
     “Torie, baby, just stop trying to figure it out and enjoy the ride.” He sat up and then squeezed my leg as he stood and went to the DVD player to eject the movie. “Let’s run to Oskie and return this. We can grab lunch.” He waved the jewel case in my direction.
     “I think we need to consider…”
     “I don’t see the problem. I’m enjoying the time warps, even if I do make a fool out of myself sometimes when I don’t know who I am or where I am. I’m finding out so much about the way things were constructed—and farming. I had no idea about what was really required to get a field cleared or a crop in the ground.”
     “Yeah, right, crops! When you left the dance the other night with Amelia, you seemed to figure out what to do with her pretty quick. You plowed her field!” I spat with irritation.
     “Torie, that was two days ago. I wish I wouldn’t have let you get that out of me. Again, babe, what was I supposed to do? She was my wife.”
     “Of course she just happened to be the most beautiful woman in town,” I said grumpily. “You couldn’t have had a headache?”
     He gave me one of his smokin’ hot, sexy looks. “I love you, Beautiful.”
     He approached the sofa and bent to kiss me, and I gave him a smooch. Clearly, he was not going to apologize for his indiscretion and seemed pretty darn pleased with himself regarding his Amelia experience. “Oh, stop that smirking,” I ordered with a smile, as he pulled me off the sofa by my hands.
     “Let’s go,” he said, shooing me toward the door by giving my butt a gentle swat.

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