Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Heritage Time Travel Series

The meeting of reality with fiction is a unique feature of my time travel series.

The Cedar Township cemetery which is the epicenter of the story is real, and some of the true historical characters created for the story are actual people who are at their eternal rest in that cemetery, such as Dr. Jacob Krout, Samuel McFall (fictional Dave's, 3rd great grandfather), Octavius Waltman, Johnny Baitsell, to name a few. I was able to bring those long gone true historical people to life and give them all parts in my fictional world and also tell a bit of their life stories because with the characters traveling back in time, anything is possible. 

Other touches of reality, Jimmy Thomas, who  is an internationally known book cover model. He is on all three covers of my series, representing my stories hero Dave, who just happens to share a very strong physical resemblance to Jimmy. Jimmy also is the man on the covers of  fictional character Torie Mills' novels and in another twist of the story, Jimmy Thomas agreed to a cameo appearance in the novel Out of the Past as himself, which was great fun and another little touch of reality added to a fictional world.

Julie Demuesy and her wonderful organization Dreamcatcher's Equine Rescue in Fountain Colorado is another real person and place that inhabit the landscape of Out of the Past and who graciously agreed to be part of my story as herself. She just happens to also be my sister who I am particularly proud of and who is making a difference in this world. Now she just happens to be a character in a novel.

The wonderful downtown Fremont, Iowa, where the street dance in Out of the Past takes place and where Dave and Torie dance the night away was actually transplanted from another small Iowa town and to see the street you would actually need to travel about 60 miles away to a little town called Grimes. The band Toaster who rocks the dance is an actual regionally famous band who agreed to be in my story. 

Another true life character who inhabits fictional downtown Fremont is Bill the barber and those scenes with him, are a fictionalized version of how I met him and what we shared. He graciously agreed to appear as himself.

Bartender, Tim Dinsmore, although a fictional character, is descended from actual Fremont pioneer William Dinsmore and Tim's cousin Keith Dinsmore (another real person) who is a good friend of Torie's was actually someone who I knew and collaborated with briefly on his book Forever Fremont Iowa before his untimely passing and those passages regarding Keith and his life are actually times I spent with him and conversations he and I shared regarding our mutual love of family history.

Almost all of the time travel adventures that Dave lives in Out of the Past and Into the Future are true stories from the late eight-hundreds and early nineteen hundreds of Iowa's past, although the names are changed.  The gun mishap in Forevermore is based on what happened to a distant cousin of mine. I found the story in an old newspaper article.

The death of William McFall in Foreveremore is actually the story of the death of my children's 2nd great grand uncle. Even the Thompson family who are important central figures of the series are a fictionalized version of family members who met their same fate decades ago.

Just a few of the real life touches that make my fictional series unique.

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