Friday, December 20, 2013

Out of the Past, Heritage Time Travel Romance series, book #1

Out of the Past, Heritage Time Travel Romance Series, Book #1

We left a trail of clothes from the kitchen and through the house—his shirt and then my shirt. His shoes, my shoes, and as he slipped me out of my pants and I was wrestling unsuccessfully with his jeans button, he had me in his arms and I was wrapped around his waist as he held me and carried me to the second floor. By the time we arrived at his bedroom door and he flipped on the light switch, which lit the two bedside lamps, he had my bra unhooked and off me, and as I was in just my panties and still straddling his waist with my legs, he kissed me deeply. Our now bare chests touched, and his tongue plunged deep into my mouth as he bent to lay me across the bed.

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