Sunday, August 11, 2013

Out of the Past ~~ What would you do?

Out of the Past~~
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What would you do if you were able to meet all those people from generations ago, who helped to make you who you are today? Not only to meet them, but experience their stories as they live them, first hand. Would you want to? To be able to share in the warmth of their love and laughter but also endure the pain and sorrow, which  often overshadowed the joys. What if you knew how many days they would have to walk the earth, who they would fall in love with, how many children they would have and how many they would bury much too soon. Would you want to go back?

If you already knew how their stories will end, what would you do? Would you  listen a little more closely to what they had to say?  Hold on a little longer to that unexpected warm hug? Drink in the sound of their voices and look a little deeper into their Technicolor eyes, which have always been only flat-gray in your families dusty old photo albums?

For Torie Mills the answer is yes, she will take it all and she will cherish every moment.

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