Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Time Travel Romance ~~Out of the Past

Out of the Past, Heritage Time Travel Romance series, book #1

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Dave Cameron was a good man, a stand-up guy who had a successful renovation career, great friends and a passion for small town Iowa that was contagious. What Dave didn't have was a woman to share his life with until Torie Mills happened into town and he found his broken heart was ready to give love another try. But Torie was in a relationship with another and Dave had to struggle to keep his passion for her locked down—if he could.

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Into the Future, Heritage Time Travel Romance series, book #2

When Torie Mills moved to Fremont, Iowa to escape the fast paced world of her celebrity life, she felt she had found that place she was meant to be. She would find much more and the secrets she would uncover, would change the course of her families history and her own life--forevermore.  Romance series, book #3


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