Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Into the Future~~ excerpt Heritage Time Travel Romance Book #2


I slowed and stopped my truck at the heavily gated entrance to the Anamosa State Penitentiary and flipped my sun visor down, grabbed the letter, and had it ready when the guard came from a small glassed booth.
I nodded. “Good morning,” I handed off the letter with the official seal of the state of Iowa and signed by both Mark Thompson and the warden of the maximum security prison.
“I need to see some ID,” the burly and bald mountain of a man  requested gruffly.
I shifted slightly and reached into the back pocket of my jeans and pulled out my billfold, handing him my driver’s license.
“Thank you, Mister Cameron, do you know where you’re headed?”
“No, not really.” I accepted my license back as he finished up a note on his clipboard, handed me the letter and then went into the booth, returning with a map. He handed the clipboard into me for my signature, and then he used the firm surface of the clipboard as he marked on the map.


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