Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Out of the Past snippit

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Paranormal, Sci-fi, Time Travel


Sitting cross-legged, with my elbows braced upon my knees and hunched over Dave’s supine body as I was; I imagine that I likely resembled a medieval gargoyle perched precariously upon the ledge of some Gothic building. I closely observed his face and marveled at that eerily blank and yet oddly tranquil repose that I’d glimpsed upon my own countenance when I’d recently videotaped my own time travel experience. It was entirely different though, seeing it manifest itself upon someone else’s face.
     I’d been back for nearly an hour now and using the time to note the other physical effects of time travel upon the human body, namely Dave’s body, as he continued to remain unresponsive. Such as the change in his skin temperature going from heated with a sheen of sweat beading upon his forehead, to a coolness that was a little creepy and corpse-like. Both of these were somewhat indicative of him going through non-REM and REM sleep cycles except that there was no movement behind his gently closed eyelids, hinting at any dreaming, even though he definitely appeared to be in a deep enough sleep that he should be dreaming.

     Also, in spite of his wildly fluctuating skin temperature, his breathing and heart rate continued to remain slow and regular. Even his usual nocturnal tumescence, referred to by Dave as his ahem—morning glory had yet to arise this day, if you get my meaning and no I hadn’t molested the man in his sleep, I’d just looked and with a purely scientific interest.