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Out of the Past

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Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Qtr Finalist

~~Out of the Past ~~

 Quarter Finalist

 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards

Torie Mills will find love and much more than she ever dreamed of, in small town Iowa. She will discover she has a gift that is exciting and addictive, the ability to time travel. She will also find that time travel also involves danger and evil that would have been better left alone

Friday, April 18, 2014

Out of the Past by Dana Roquet

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Amazon 5* Review~~

This book was a very good book. I would never have thought family history could be made this interesting to the point were I could not put it down. The characters were very realistic and lovable. Great read. Left me wanting to read more.

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Torie travels to 1891 and inhabits the body of her great-grandaunt Mahala Wyman

                                                        Dr. Jacob Krout and family   

        I became aware of the weight, as a person sat down beside me and I looked over to see a man dressed in a black suit. He put a stethoscope in his ears, unbuttoned my gown and placed the disc over my chest, listening to my heart. He was Dr. Jacob Krout. He had been the doctor in Fremont for more than forty-three years. He looked young, and was probably in his early thirties. I had seen several photographs of him which people had added to his online memorial. He was buried in Cedar with his family. His wife Mary Alice was a Dinsmore.
      He quietly listened to my heart as I studied his kind face.
      “Take a deep breath Mahala,” he requested. “And another. Good.” He smiled kindly at me and buttoned my gown. “I will be making the rounds to see your sister Ivy when I leave here. She and Joshua are sure looking forward to that little one. I don’t think I have ever seen a couple more anxious for a child.”
      The doctor looked from me, to some point at my left and I became aware that someone was holding my hand. My great-great-grandma Rose was sitting beside me, in a chair.
      “We are all looking forward to that new grand baby,” Rose said, patting my hand. “I think Mahala more than anyone. How is your family, Dr. Krout? Mary Alice and little Erma,”
      “Everyone is just fine. Erma will be going on ten years next month.”
      The doctor looked back to me and smiled. “I will stop again tomorrow,” he assured, rising and taking his stethoscope from his neck to place it into his medical bag on the floor beside him.
      “I’ll see you out, Doctor,” Rose offered.
      “I can see myself out, Rose.” He patted her shoulder and walked to the door. “Until tomorrow,”
      Rose turned her attention back to me as the bedroom door closed softy and I noticed she had a bible open in her lap. She began reading to me from some chapter. I have no idea what chapter it was. The good book wasn’t one of those on my book shelf. I hadn’t cracked a bible since I was confirmed at thirteen years old. Rose finished the passage and then lifted my hand and kissed the back gently.
      “Mahala, you are the light of my life, sweetheart. I want you to know that. I love you so much. We will read and pray every day until you are well. I have faith in God. You need to have faith and believe.”
     “I will, Mother. Mother, what day is it?”
     “Friday, April 10.”
     “What year?”
     She looked at me as though fearing I was having a fit or something. She touched my forehead gently, searching for fever. I was almost certain I knew the year because the doctor mentioned Ivy being anxious to deliver Katie, but I just wanted it confirmed.
     “Eighteen ninety-one, sweet,”
     Mahala Wyman died on April 11, 1891.

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Julie's Book Review
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Love's Vengeance snippet

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Love's Vengeance
A historical romance novel

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     Pouring a good strong drink, Stephen sat at his desk, rubbing wearily across his face with the palms of his hands. He was cursing himself as every kind of fool he could think of, when a hesitant rap at the door brought his attention back. “Come in,” he called, half hoping it to be Desiree, having changed her mind and perhaps deciding to discuss things calmly and reasonably.
     Cunningham entered, closing the door after him and looked into the troubled eyes of his captain. He crossed to the desk to take a seat opposite Stephen for their usual nightly chat, when his eye was caught by something lying upon the floor. He bent down, picking up a silky sheer chemise and dangled it from his fingers, looking to Stephen. Then his eyes moved to the tousled bed and the evidence there of what had occurred. He walked slowly across the room and pulled the dagger from the wall, turning to look at Stephen with raised eyebrows.
     “Seems as if you’ve been to battle this night, Cap,” he observed, tossing the filmy garment across the bed and dropping the dagger upon the desk before Stephen.
     Pouring himself a drink, Ham sat down across from him and waited for a response but Stephen made no comment, only glared and took up the dagger, dropping it into a drawer of his desk, then slamming the drawer shut.
     “You showed great willpower these past weeks, Stephen. I’ll not fault you there. I’ve always known you to be a man of few words but you played the suitor with flair I never knew you possessed,” he nodded and drank deeply of the fine brandy.
     “Suitor, hell! The wench forces it, draws out the father in every man she meets!” Stephen barked, gesturing as if his heart were being ripped from his bare chest. “Even you!” he pointed an accusing finger. “By your concern tonight I would say she has captured your heart as well. Admit it, you old sea dog!” he smiled at his old friend with genuine affection.
     “Aye, that she has,” Ham nodded. “A rare lady indeed. She seems to have taken over the entire ship without so much as one show of firepower or one skirmish…” he glanced to the bed. “Until now.”
     “Yes, I fear she found me not to be the perfect gentleman she supposed me to be.” Stephen glared at the bed. “I am afraid I made a mistake this night which I shall pay for, for some time to come,” he chuckled softly with affected cavalier.
     But Ham noted sadness in the voice of his young captain and worry upon his brow. It seemed that this lusty young man had met, at last, the one woman who stirred a sense of conscience in him.

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Heritage Time Travel Series

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Book #1
Out of the Past
amazon link, Nook, Smashwords

Torie Mills is beautiful, successful and a New York Times best-selling historical romance author. Determined to find some solace from her fast paced and demanding life, she decides to move to Mahaska County, Iowa—a mile outside of the tiny town of Fremont and into her great great-grandparent’s old homestead. Her plan is to restore the property to its 1870 glory days.
She hires handsome, renovation expert Dave Cameron to do the work and together they bring the old Victorian house back to life. When Torie moves in, she discovers that restoring the house has opened a portal into the past. Time traveling each night to the Fremont of old, becomes her wonderful escape and her secret obsession. When she and Dave become lovers, he gets swept into the travels as well—until they both realize, much too late, that there was evil in the past that would have been better left alone…

Book #2
Into the Future
 amazon link, Nook, Smashwords

When author Torie Mills moved to tiny Fremont, Iowa, she found the love of her life and the place where she finally felt she belonged. Five generations of Dave Cameron’s family had inhabited the large idyllic Victorian house he and Torie now called home. They settled in, started a family and seemed to be living the perfect fairytale ending. Fast forward two years into the future. The Cameron family, including little one-year-old Rose, have been chased from their home by the time travels they believed they had left behind. Quiet Mahaska County has become a Mecca for fans of the psychological thriller Where Evil Lived, which Torie wrote concerning the 1959 mass murder of her Mills cousins. It was just meant to be a way to help Dave heal and put it behind him for good. Now it had taken on a life of its own. While Torie searches desperately for the answers that will fix her fractured family and allow them the happily ever after they deserve, Dave struggles to hold on to his sanity and keep a secret from her that will test him to the limits of his endurance as he comes to terms with the time travel gift that neither he, Torie nor their child will be able to resist or control.

Book #3
 amazon link, Nook, Smashwords

Torie Mills Cameron’s world has crumbled right before her eyes. Overnight, her life has taken a terrifying turn for the worse forcing her to make a heart-breaking decision; to leave Dave and the life she always hoped for behind her. To ensure her child’s safety, she will do whatever it takes despite the cost. Dave Cameron is watching everything he ever dreamed of slip from his grasp—and with his loving wife and daughter no longer in his life, what is he left with? His dark secret, the time travels which are becoming increasingly fraught with danger. Soon though, Dave and Torie will learn that the world is not what it appears to be. They will be schooled by a wise and patient old man who will explain the time travel mystery. While all of their futures may depend upon a young child who vanished 120 years in the past and may be the only one who holds the key to—Forevermore.

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