Saturday, February 25, 2017

Enduring Gift #dailylines#notdoneyet


 Enduring Gift, book 4, Heritage
Time Travel Romance series


The warm late-morning spring wind ruffled Cora’s light blonde hair, catching the loose curls and whipping strands across her flushed face. Smoothing the errant tendrils, she took a deep breath of the intoxicating fresh air, carrying on it, the aroma of blossoming flowers, wafting from a nearby garden and the clean smell of newly cut hay somewhere close by. She closed her eyes briefly in a silent prayer of thanksgiving for this gift that allowed her the ability to travel back in time, to this glorious day in 1863 and to experience it over and over again. 
She turned to face into the oncoming wind and absently smoothed down her billowing homespun skirt of earthy tan linen as she got her first glimpse of Axel, coming into the sunshine after emerging from the shadowy interior of the horse stable. She absolutely loved the beginning of this time travel when she would feel the always present butterflies that she got, simply from that first look at his handsome face and the touch of his eyes landing on her.
At first, the excitement Rose Lynn felt had been Cora’s emotions of love for him, feeding through to her, but not now—now the butterflies and the thrill of being in his presence were all her own. She smiled at Axel; watching his effortless sexy stride with appreciation, as he used his hands to pat stray wisps of straw and dust from his light blue cotton shirt sleeves and brown britches as he approached.

“You are a sight for sore eyes, my lovely Cora,” he declared, coming to a stop before her with a wide grin.


  1. Any idea when you will have the forth book done???? I'm super excited to read it lol.

    1. My timetable has gotten out of sync but am hoping to get back on track. It may be 2018. Thanks so much for you comment. Made my day!