Saturday, January 21, 2017

Enduring Gift coming 2017

Enduring Gift, Heritage Time Travel Romance series, book #4

Rose Lynn Cameron has lived an exceptional life,  growing up as the daughter of historical renovation expert Dave Cameron and world renown author Torie Mills Cameron, while living in small town Fremont Iowa.  After all, not many sixteen-year-old girls can say that they go back in time regularly and spend time with their 6 times great grandparents and scores of other relatives.

She has never known a world limited by time or space and her adventures as a time traveler have, from her very earliest memories, taken her hundreds of years into the past. But it has only been in the last year or so, that her mom and dad have finally allowed her to be totally free in her travels and chose her own experiences, as long as she is responsible and self-censors~~by staying away from and moving on from any experiences that are more than PG rated. She has been schooled her entire life about how to conduct herself and about being responsible in her travels. 

It is when Rose Lynn goes back to 1863 and comes upon a handsome young man named Axel Springer; that all of her parents instruction and cautionary tales go right out of her head. As crazy as she knows that it is and while inhabiting Axel's sweetheart Cora Whiting, Rose has fallen in love with Axel~~who is, in essence, a ghost; an apparition; an echo of a life lived long, long ago.  

When Axel, at sixteen, impulsively rides off with his childhood friends, lies about his age and joins the Union Army~~he will never return to Iowa or to the girl who had been waiting for him, his sweetheart Cora. Instead he will simply vanish into history. 

Until Rose Lynn happens upon an ancient article in a regional history book, about a group of seven young men; childhood friends, who had enlisted together, fought together and were captured together during one of the fiercest battles of the Civil War. One of those young men's names just happened to have been~~Axel Springer.

Rose Lynn is determined to find out what became of Axel and the others, no matter the cost...

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